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Welcome to Hazlet Township First Aid and Rescue Squad!

In 1946, the West Keansburg First Aid Squad of Raritan Twp. was founded by eight men who chose to voluntarily give their time and effort to come to the aid of the injured and ill.  They bought one small 1938 Cadillac Ambulance and answered 485 calls in 1947.  A tradition of selfless service to the community by devoted members began in 1946 and that same quality is found today, in the members of your first Aid squad.

The squad has been known as the Hazlet Township First Aid & Rescue Squad since 1971.  Over the years it has expanded to meet the needs of the growing population of the town.  The squad operates out of two buildings - one on each side of town and has five ambulances, one rescue truck, one special operations unit, one first responder vehicle, one rescue boat, one staging trailer and a chief's vehicle.  Today, the squad responds to approximately 1,700 calls per year.  To face this demand, members receive the best training in first aid and rescue techniques available.  At the current time, the squad is desperately seeking new members to meet the demands of increasing call volumes.

At the present time, there is no cost for the voluntary services provided by the squad.  Our main source of income is through fundraising and donations made by the residents of Hazlet Twp.  Equipment costs, training, and building and vehicle maintenance is very expensive..... please keep in mind your donations go a long way!

The members of the Hazlet First Aid & Rescue Squad are your friends, neighbors, and fellow residents.  They volunteer day and night because your life depends on it.  Be proud of your first aid squad as we are very proud to serve you!

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